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The Friday Five

Today we are going to give you five very good reasons why you should definitely be brushing your pups teeth!

  1. Pets that don't get regular dental care can painfully lose their teeth.

  2. A pup with clean teeth equals a pup with better smelling breath.

  3. It's easy to brush your pups teeth, especially if you start when your pup is young.

  4. Brushing helps prevent periodontal disease.

  5. Because chew toys help, but brushing works better!

Things to take into consideration:

Most human grade toothpaste is toxic to dogs, so make sure to get pup friendly toothpaste. That being said you can also make your own at home (like us), just use one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of water and mix it until it becomes a paste. And if you have more than one pup, make sure each has their very own toothbrush. Happy brushing my friends!


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