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Plantastic News!

Plants.. my Momma is obsessed with them. Before I came along my pawrents lived in a studio that was a little studio and a lotta jungle. Plants, plants, everywhere!

Once I came along, the plants posed a problem. A lot of them were "poisonous" and "dangerous" and not so puppy friendly. What to do? Get rid of the plans? Nope, my Momma would never do such a thing. So instead, she put the dangerous ones outside on the balcony, schooled herself on pup friendly plants and invested in having those all around the house.

These are just a couple of the ones you'll see in our home, there are a ton of others too.

1. Orchid

These are pretty, there's usually around two orchid plants in our home on any given day. Mamma likes to get these from a place called Trader Joe's.

2. Basil

For whatever the reason, there's only one of these in our home, it's in the kitchen ..but I've seen several in the backyard too. These smell good, sometimes Harrison and I get to eat a leaf if we are being good.

3. Aeonium 'Kiwi' Succulent

I like these, they were the first plant my Momma ever showed me when I was a young puppy.


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