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Welcome to Light Up Pups

Evelyn & Darby


“Darby has the green light-up leash to match with my safety vest/his harness. Since we recently moved to an urban area, I feel much more confident knowing we are visible at night to cars, skateboarders, and people zipping by on e-scooters.
Plus, Darby literally gets compliments every day for how cool his leash is!"

Felicia & Dexter


"Love, love, love this company! We have lots of glow collars for our Sheppard/Rottie mix pup.
Very bright and helpful for those dark walks or when we want extra glow."

Pat, Clara & Newton


“Having any dog, and especially a black dog, and living where there are not street lights it is very important to be able to keep track of my dog if she ever got loose!
I have the light up harness and leash along with some of the charms. These are amazing and the customer service is top notch!
My new dog now wears some light up gear from this terrific shop who cares about pet safety!”